Hydrating Complexion Color Correctors : color correctors

Five shades of color correctors are now available at an extremely affordable price through Elf Cosmetics. The nuance options include green, blue, orange, peach, and yellow. The product is aptly named the ‘Camo Color Corrector.’ The lightweight formulations have a satin finish and promise to help one with “camouflaging discoloration, dullness, and redness.” Because Elf Cosmetics emphasizes the virtue of multi-beneficial products, the five color correctors are also supercharged with Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Flower Water to hydrate the skin while they do their concealing magic.

The Camo Color Correctors go underneath the foundation and concealer. Each shade targets a specific concern. For example, the Yellow Color Corrector camouflages dullness and is suitable for fair-to-medium skin tones. The Green Color Corrector, on the other hand, addresses redness, blemishes, and rosy cheeks.

Image Credit: Elf Cosmetics

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