Collaboration Tea-Infused Beers : tea-infused beers

The Stony Creek Brewery tea-infused beers have been created in partnership with Bigelow Tea as a series of libations perfect for consumers to try out this winter. The beers include the Carpe Tea-em and No Comment options, which are made with Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea and Constant Comment, respectively. The beer is created by merging the unfermented beer with the tea just prior to adding the hops to ensure it’s brewed directly into the final product.

The Stony Creek Brewery tea-infused beers are being launched throughout New England at stores and restaurants, and comes in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans priced at $9.99. The beer marks the first collaboration between the two family-owned brands and is expected to be a hit amongst artisan bar aficionados.

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