Water Tower-Transformed Apartments : Amsterdamsestraatweg Water Tower

Dutch design studio Zecc Architecten introduces its new and completed Amsterdamsestraatweg Water Tower building, which took a brick water tower in Utrecht and transforms it into a series of apartments. The cylindrical shape provides a unique view of the city, with a 360-degree perspective. It is made up of four dwellings — three of which are apartments and the ground level is a cafe space.

Additionally, there is an elevator that provides direct access to the three studio apartments, which are complete with a kitchenette, mezzanine sleeping area, and bathroom. The studio explains the thought process behind the design, noting that “The challenge for this design lay in creating good daylight openings, a beautiful outdoor area with a view of the Dom [Tower] and good access with a lift and safe stairwell.”

Image Credit: Zecc Architecten

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