Value-Focused Cooking Campaigns : Great Value with Grace

The ‘Great Value with Grace’ campaign has been launched by Grace Foods UK as a way to help cash-strapped families craft high-quality, flavorful dishes from the comfort of home at a low cost. The campaign includes recipes that can be prepared in 30-minutes or less, which are great for families and even for batch cooking thanks to their freezer-friendly formats. The various dishes make use of Grace Foods’ roster of ingredients and products, which includes canned meat, coconut milk, packet soups and more.

Brand Manager Giuseppe Vullo spoke on the ‘Great Value with Grace’ campaign saying, “Supporting and giving back to the community all year round is a key part of Grace‚Äôs ethos, but particularly when times are hard, we want to pull out of all the stops to help support cash-strapped families to navigate the cost-of-living crisis.”

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