Superhero-Themed Dynamic Vehicles : wakanda forever 1

Lexus works in collaboration with adidas to continue building upon the Wakanda Forever capsule collection with a new automotive around the same theme. The car is detailed with a tribal print and along with it comes a graphic tee. The design of the vehicle was led by students at adidas’ S.E.E.D., which stands for school for experimental education in design with the help of Calty Design Research and Carbon DLS, which assisted with the 3D-printed parts.

The exterior design nods to the Marvel superhero with purple tribal accents and the hood is complete with a diamond pattern that references the claws on Black Panther’s necklace. Additionally, the steering wheel cover is made from the same materials used to craft the 4D-FWD shoe. The aforementioned tee is designed with a famous African proverb that reads “Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation,” which is translated into Wakandan.

Image Credit: Lexus

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