Plant-Powered Sports Hydrators : saps

A lot of energizing performance beverages share the same bold and edgy look and feel, but Sap’s sets itself apart with plant-powered formulas and branding that explores the softer side of sports hydration. The plant-powered performance beverages are billed as drinks for sports and everything else, and they’re ready to be enjoyed by the can.

The sports drink in a can boasts zero added sugar or artificial colors, all the while boasting just 35 calories, plus the benefits of three adaptogenic ingredients. Sap’s also shares that “One can packs 5x more electrolytes than leading sport drinks and is ready to fuel your workouts, late nights, and overall wellness.” The refreshing Lemon-Lime sports drink helps to support hydration, recovery, anti-inflammation and mental balance with unique ingredients like coconut water powder, ginger and ginseng root, and shiitake.

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