Low Latency VR Cards : intel 2

Intel is partnering with Meta to optimize a new Wi-Fi card for the ‘Quest 2’ headset, allowing players to take advantage of reduced latency without worrying about Ethernet cables. Intel’s ‘ Wi-Fi 6e AX1690’ card incorporates Double Connect Technology (GCT) for VR headsets like the Quest 2 and is also compatible with Intel’s 13th-gen Core HX platform, reducing overall wireless PC VR gaming latency from 30ms to just 5ms. Intel also created a video to show the advantages of using two concurrent Wi-Fi connections, which allow VR headsets to wirelessly get data directly from a PC instead of through an access point.

“I’m a firm believer that pushing the boundaries of wireless in VR and AR will only be possible if the whole industry work together,” said Meta Reality Labs Wireless Technology chief Bruno Cendon Martin. “I’m extremely happy to see the announce today by Intel Corporation Wireless CTO Carlos Cordeiro of the work we’ve been doing together to get Wireless PC VR to the next level with Meta Quest and Intel Killer.”

Image Credit: Meta

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