Travel-Inspired Tea Collections : Magic Hour Wanderlust Tea

The Magic Hour Wanderlust Tea collection is a new line of handcrafted teas perfect for avid travelers or those who dream of traveling more to try out.

The collection of teas are inspired by the founder’s travels and her sourcing from small farmers in an array of regions to harness a range of flavors. The collection includes Turkish grown teas, Tulum Horchata Chai, Thai Temple Tea and more, which arrive throughout the year. Each of the products will come with a regional artisan tea towel, educational materials about each region and a postcard with tasting notes with regional artwork.

CEO Zheng Muzyka spoke on the Magic Hour Wanderlust Tea collection saying, “Through 25 years studying folkloric medicinal teas and deeply nourishing local cuisines, I am honoured to share the culmination of our world’s finest healing blends with the Wanderlust Collection.”

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