Slightly Sweet Pickled Peppers : Sweet Picanté Peppers

Though most people think of spicy when they hear pepper, Trader Joe’s new Sweet Picanté Peppers are anything but.

Trader Joe’s new Sweet Picanté Peppers straddle the line of sweet, peppery, and tart flavors. The crispy peppers are perfectly pickled which gives them a mild, slightly sweet flavor. As if that weren’t tantalizing enough, Trader Joe’s takes these peppers to the next level by stuffing them with a creamy cheese filling. As Trader Joe’s explains, “With all those intersections of flavors and textures, it should come as no surprise that these Peppers are remarkably versatile: they can be enjoyed entirely on their own as an anytime snack, arranged on an antipasto platter or tapas spread as an appetizer, or as a topping on pizza.”

So if you’re not a fan of spicy accouterments, these sweet and tart Picanté Peppers are the addition to your next spread.

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

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