Lunch-Sized QSR Meal Deals : KFC Lunch Box

The KFC Lunch Box is being launched as a satisfying, low-cost option for patrons to pick up that’s perfect for lunchtime enjoyment without breaking the bank. The meal deal includes two of the brand’s Original Recipe Tenders along with an individual serving of Popcorn Chicken, an individual serving of fries and a dipping sauce. The meal deal is priced at $5.49 to make it a cost-effective option for patrons to choose, while also providing ample food to satiate even big hunger.

The KFC Lunch Box is available now at participating locations in Canada, but will only be around through February 12, 2023 to enjoy. The meal deal is part of a larger number of lower cost menu items being launched by QSR brands to help consumers combat against record-high inflation.

Image Credit: KFC

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