Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl

Pokeworks is kicking off 2023 with a tantalizing new offering: the Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl.

Available now through March 2023, the new Flame-Cooked Miso Sesame Salmon Bowl is an exclusive, chef-crafted dish made with the highest quality ingredients. The new bowl starts with flame-cooked salmon paired with sweet onion, cucumber, edamame, and hijiki seaweed. All these ingredients are then brought together with the brand’s proprietary miso sesame sauce that “brings in a deep savory flavor, with a toasty, funky and salty-sweet richness that gives the delectable combination depth.”

In addition to enjoying this flavorful combo in a regular or large bowl, fans can also order it as a burrito. Pokeworks’ Flame-Cooked Salmon can even be added to other dishes as a warm, flavorful, and healthy protein option.

Image Credit: Pokeworks

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