Expanded Plant-Based Sandwich Ranges : Urban Eat Roots

The Urban Eat Roots range has been expanded and rebranded by the UK-based brand to keep it in line with consumer preferences for both flavor and style. The new additions to the range will be available starting January 9, 2023 and includes the Cheeze & Pickle and Falafel & Houmous sandwiches, and the Tomato & Pesto Spicy Bean wraps. Priced starting at £3.49, the products boast new branding to give them a vibrant appearance in-store and are arriving to coincide with Veganuary 2023.

Brand Manager Abigail Nelson-Enoff spoke on the new additions to the Urban Eat Roots range saying, “Our research shows that 65% of people in the UK are reducing meat from their diets, but they’re not willing to compromise on taste and quality to do so. When designing the Roots proposition, we therefore knew we didn’t want to launch ‘just another vegan sandwich’ – it was important to us to create a lunchtime offering full of flavour and variety that appeals to a broader target audience than just those with a vegan diet.”

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