Eco-Friendly Automotive Tires : sustainable tires

These Goodyear sustainable tires have been unveiled at CES 2023 as an update to the brand’s previous models that aims to deliver a more eco-friendly option for automobiles. The tires are characterized by their 90% sustainable material construction that takes a 20% boost over the previous version, and have undergone Department of Transportation (DoT) testing to make them ready for the road. The tires have a lower rolling resistance than previous versions, which could greatly improve gas mileage or electric vehicle (EV) range.

Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel spoke on the Goodyear sustainable tires saying, “Over the past year, we researched new technologies, identified opportunities for further collaboration and utilized our team’s ingenuity and tenacity to achieve this tremendous accomplishment, increasing the sustainable-material content used in a tire by 20 percentage points.”

Image Credit: Goodyear

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