Data Science Dairy-Free Cheeses : Climax plant-based cheese

The Climax plant-based cheese products are a range of dairy-free food items that have been developed over the course of more than two-years to ensure the utmost attention to a high-quality final product.

The dairy-free cheeses are positioned by the brand as, “The 1st Generation of Zero-Compromise Plant-Based Foods,” which are crafted using its data science platform with R&D from scientists and engineers. The products include the Brie, Blue, Chèvre and Feta varieties, which are all crafted using clean, sustainable ingredients like legumes, seeds and plant-based fats.

The Climax plant-based cheese products are reported to be indistinguishable from dairy-based alternatives, which could position them well as a flavorful option for consumers to choose for their next charcuterie board.

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