Daily Wellness Shot Collections : POWER 40

With many consumers vowing to take their health and nutrition seriously in the new year, Nekter Juice Bar has just unveiled an innovative new daily boost system called POWER 40.

POWER 40 is essentially a set of six individual wellness shots packaged in handy grab-and-go containers that are meant to be taken throughout the day. The system was developed by Nekter Juice Bar and Lumen, which is a nutrition company that claims to combine Western science with Eastern holistic principles. As Alexis Schulze, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Nekter Juice Bar explained in a recent press release: “Our new Power 40 Daily Boost System is a breakthrough innovation, taking a scientific approach to amplifying the impact of wellness shots by targeting and flooding your body with the right elements at the right time from morning to night.”

Image Credit: Nekter Juice Bar

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