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Nguyen Coffee Supply has launched the new ‘Condensed Milk’ and ‘Coconut’-flavored cold brew, joining the brand’s lineup of ready-to-drink cold brew beverages inspired by Vietnamese culture. In addition to the launch of the two flavors, Nguyen Coffee Supply has stocked its portfolio at the new Whole Foods location opening on Wall Street in Manhattan. ‘Condensed Milk’ is inspired by Vietnamese cà phê sữa da and boasts 110 calories, 11g of sugar, and 180mg of caffeine. ‘Coconut’ cold brew takes notes from cà phê da and contains 80 calories, 7g sugar, 180mg caffeine, and 100% natural ingredients.

“After kicking off our cold brew launch with the bold & strong Classic Black, I’m thrilled to share the nostalgic flavors of condensed milk and coconut that represent Vietnam’s unique coffee culture,” says Founder Sahra Nguyen. “The sweet and velvety milks pair perfectly with robusta beans.”

Image Credit: Nguyen Coffee Supply

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