Revolutionary Skin-Plumping Serums : skin-plumping serum

Shiseido is known as “the first cosmetics company to produce safe, high-quality Bio-Hyaluronic Acid with two times more hydrating power” and in 2023, the brand continues to innovate in this direction with its premium skin-plumping serum duo. The Bio-Performance Skin Filler Serums are powered by Shiseido’s proprietary Japanese Hyaluronic Acid—a breakthrough ingredient created through MolecuShift Technology, “the world’s first technology to successfully shrink the size of Hyaluronic Acid molecules and revert them back to their original size.” This process increases the efficiency and efficacy of the formula. The skin-plumping serums are also powered by Red Clover Extract to improve skin barrier function, Chai Hu Extract to promote collagen production, and Cinnamon Extract to purify.

Using Shiseido’s Bio-Performance skin-plumping serum in tandem will contribute to diminished signs of aging, firmness, and a more radiant, youthful complexion.

Image Credit: Shiseido

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