Non-Alcoholic Lavender Daiquiris : lavender Daiquiri

For Dry January, Mr Fogg’s partnered with Columbian non-alcoholic spirits brand Caleño on a limited-edition menu featuring unique drinks like Robusta Distillation and Botany Beauty, a lavender daiquiri-style serve.

With Mr Fogg’s Tropical Travels with Caleño, guests are invited to escape the cold winter of London and explore a taste of South America with the colorful non-alcoholic cocktails priced from £10 each.

Among Millennial and adult Gen Z consumers, in particular, there’s a growing interest in drinking beverages that have low or no alcohol content. With people putting more thought into their food and drink choices, they are instead indulging in experiences that delight the senses without compromise. With its range of tropical non-alcoholic spirits, Caleño is on a mission to help people “discover the joy of ‘not drinking.'”

Image Credit: Tim Atkins

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