Modernized Confectionery Branding : MARICH Pancrafted Chocolates

MARICH Pancrafted Chocolates has announced a brand refresh for 2023 that it hopes will liven up its appeal to catch consumer attention and keep existing fans intrigued. The branding showcases a recognizable design that is distinguishable for existing fans to find, while also featuring a freshened appearance that pops off the shelf. The product packaging communicates quality and flavor along with the social responsibility aspects and the better-for-your ingredients to give it a well-rounded profile that shoppers will identify with.

Marketing Manager Carrie Benson commented on the new MARICH Pancrafted Chocolates branding refresh saying, “Our refreshed design is modern and playful, while remaining identifiable at retail. While keeping true to the brand’s heritage and authenticity, we have pushed the design to speak to the modern consumers’ desires and needs.”

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