Gamer-Supporting Headphone Models : JBL Quantum Series

The JBL Quantum Series is a new range of audio solutions engineered with power, performance and gaming enthusiasts in mind to deliver great versatility across a number of uses.

The audio products include the JBL Quantum TWS Air, JBL Quantum 910X, JBL Quantum 910P, JBL Quantum 360X, JBL Quantum 360P, JBL Quantum 100X and JBL Quantum 100P. Each of the products are engineered with precision control and audio excellence in mind, and are targeted towards the changing needs of today’s gamer.

President Dave Rogers commented on the new JBL Quantum Series saying, “JBL Quantum products provide gamers with outstanding sound features and innovative designs, allowing them to stay in the zone, loud and clear. Our JBL Quantum portfolio, including the new JBL Quantum TWS Air and the XBOX and PlayStation additions, give players at every level a competitive advantage for their console preferences.”

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