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KPMG, a large North American accounting firm, announced a new metaverse initiative designed to help employees and clients further their careers and ambitions. This initiative is accompanied by a $30 million USD investment into the metaverse, which will be used to create a digital world complete with a central KPMG hub.

This digital world will allow KPMG to seamlessly launch new digital ventures, as it will have the complete foundation to do so. These ventures range from immersive learning programs and collaborative development initiatives to interactive recruitment seminars and other forms of digital conferences. KPMG believes that digital worlds and the metaverse will prove invaluable to numerous industries from finance to health care, so it is solidifying its position as an early adopter in the accounting space.

The KPMG metaverse will not only help accelerate the goals of those who interact with it, but will also prove to be an inclusive space free from age, gender, or race biases, as KPMG is ensuring its digital hub is a safe and secure place for all.

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