Cooling Smartphone Chargers : CryoBoost

At CES 2023, ESR introduced new MagSafe-compatible accessories and an innovative phone-cooling technology called CryoBoost. According to the global tech company, CryoBoost allows a user to charge an in-use iPhone 14 or 13 series phone faster than the official Apple MagSafe charger.

ESR CEO, Tim Wu, said in a press release, “CryoBoost is our answer to wireless charging’s biggest problem: heat. By creating a constant flow of cooling air over the user’s phone and utilizing first-of-their-kind heat dissipating components, our HaloLock charger will charge a phone while it’s in use, faster than any other MagSafe charger.” Additionally, a user’s phone stays cool during the charging process, which helps to reduce battery degradation and extend the battery’s lifespan.

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