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Idyll Times Wines, like many other companies, is marking the start of the Lunar New Year—which falls on January 22nd—with a special wine gift box release. Made in the USA, the box includes one bottle of the consumer’s choice, two Love My Idyll Time Stemless Wine Glasses and one Coutale Sommelier Innovation wine opener which was designed by the French winemaker Philippe Bernede.

The wine gift box for the 2023 Lunar New Year is adorned with gold-outlined peonies and a decorated gold rabbit. This aesthetic is not surprising as 2023 is the year of the rabbit after all. There is another, less flashy and more minimalist option for the celebratory wine gift box. The second design is adorned with the gold-outlined silhouette of a rabbit and golden lanterns at the top corner.

Image Credit: Idyll Times Wines

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