King Cake Beverages : mardi gras drinks

To celebrate the arrival of carnival season, PJ’s Coffee is introducing three Mardi Gras drinks for a limited time. The trio of drinks from the Orleans-born coffeehouse offers a fun way for fans of the brand to immerse themselves in the colors and flavors that the season is best known for.

There’s the King Cake Latte, which uplevels PJ’s classic latte with cinnamon, vanilla, whipped cream and purple sanding sugar. A second option is the King Cake Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam, also with vanilla and cinnamon flavors, plus sweet cold foam and an added dash of cinnamon on top. Vanilla and cinnamon syrups are also prominently featured in PJ’s famous Velvet Ice and King Cake cold brew, which is also generously topped with whipped cream and colorful sugar.

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