Sporty Kidswear Sneakers : Jordan Brand 23/7

Jordan Brand, Michael Jordan’s label produced in collaboration with Nike, launched the Jordan Brand 23/7 sneaker as a style made specifically for kids. This “easy-entry shoe” was created to support an enhanced kids experience that’s not only about outfitting kids in a stylish way, it’s also about providing young ones with a sense of independence and confidence.

The colors of the shoe pay tribute to special moments from the brand’s history (like the Jumpman photo shoot and Mars Blackmon) as well as the brand’s trademark black and red colors. At its simplest, the Jordan Brand 23/7 sneaker was made as a shoe that kids can slip on quickly so that they can play. The lightweight and durable design of the shoe supports this with features like large pull loops, a reinforced strap and a step-in design.

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