Headset-Free 3D Gaming Platforms : Acer SpatialLabs TrueGame

The Acer SpatialLabs TrueGame has been updated by the brand just in time for CES 2023 to provide access to the 3D Ultra mode for the ultimate gaming experience for users to enjoy. The mode is capable of delivering a 3D gaming experience without the need for conventional headsets or glasses and works with a wide range of existing game titles. This will deliver a fresh viewing and playing experience for players of all kinds to enjoy without the need for supplemental equipment or gear.

Co-COO Jerry Kao commented on the Acer SpatialLabs TrueGame update saying, “The viewing experiences of today’s gamers are greatly limited with 2D display devices. This changes with SpatialLabs TrueGame as we continue to push the envelope of the 3D gaming experience by adding full geometric 3D and unleashing the power of stereoscopic 3D technology.”

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