Gray QSR Mascot Campaigns : Wendy’s Canada Goes Gray

Wendy’s Canada has shown support for journalist Lisa LaFlamme after she was dropped as CTV News’ nightly anchor last week. LaFlamme’s decision to stop dying her hair and let it turn grey naturally was reportedly a point of contention with management, though CTV denies this was the reason for LaFlamme’s departure.

Wendy’s Canada shared a photo on Twitter of the Wendy character with grey braids, captioned with the hashtags #LisaLaFlamme and #NewProfilePic. The post has received a range of positive comments from Canadians, with some noting that in 2022, Wendy herself would also have grey hair. Wendy’s Canada’s show of support has been welcomed by many, particularly older women, who have called out workplace sexism and ageism in relation to LaFlamme’s departure.

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