Spicy Fish-Inspired Snacks : oldfish Frank’s RedHot Crackers

Goldfish and America’s #1 hot sauce brand, Frank’s RedHot, are re-introducing Limited-Edition Goldfish® Frank’s RedHot® crackers. This marks the first time that Goldfish has ever brought back a limited-edition offering.

These tasty crackers feature the classic hot sauce, with notes of vinegar for a tangy kick and a blend of aged cayenne peppers for just the right balance of flavor and heat. Starting now, you can find Limited-Edition Goldfish® Frank’s RedHot crackers on-shelves nationwide at an SRP of $3.39. They’re also available on the Goldfish DTC website while supplies last.

This limited-edition flavor is just the latest in a string of ultra-popular offerings from Goldfish over the past two years. In addition to Frank’s RedHot, the brand has also rolled out Jalapeño Popper, OLD BAY, and Dunkin’ Pumpkin Spice flavors. And for those who have a favorite among these limited-edition offerings, don’t worry – Goldfish has plans to bring back the most loved flavors in 2023, just in time for special snacking occasions.

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