Juxtaposing Traditional Japanese Designs : Karimoku Case Study

Japnese furniture manufacturer Karimoku Case Study is launching a wide range of experimental designs that are for public spaces and residential purposes. These are made with the help of Japanese architects known as Keiji Ashizawa and the Danish design studio Norm Architects.

The Karimoku Case Study #8 is Tokyo’s Hiroo Residence designed with furniture from the brand’s previous projects. The two pieces of furniture that are designed specifically for the space are the ‘A-LB01’ sideboard and ‘N-DC04’ dining chair. It has a sturdy structure with a broad silhouette and a light timber finish. This channels a minimalist style to the space, which aims to bring forth a tranquil environment that perfectly complements the open space of the apartment.

Image Credit: Karimoku Case Study

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