Intimate Care Microbiome Kits : Microbiome Test

The Evvy vaginal microbiome test promises to uncover all bacteria and fungi with a single swab and help women understand the results with a free one-to-one coaching call and action steps.

“Women weren’t required to be in clinical research until 1993,” says Priyanka Jain, who co-founded femtech start-up Evvy in 2021with Laine Bruzek, “And that lack of information leads us to the state of today that women are on average diagnosed four years later than men across over 700 diseases.” To remedy this, Evvy was born and it uses DNA samples to detect specific types of bacteria in the vagina.

According to Jain, there are biomarkers that only exist in female bodies and many tend to go overlooked by both the medical and scientific communities. Evvy promises to help women avoid or deal with abnormal microbiome issues and help women experience better healthcare outcomes.

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