Decaffeinated Black Teas : Decaffeinated Black Tea

If you’re looking for a nice of cup of tea to end your day with, but don’t want the caffeine to keep you up, Trader Joe’s new Decaffeinated Black Tea is the solution.

Trader Joe’s new Decaffeinated Black Tea is just what it sounds like: a delicious black tea without the caffeine. The tea is made from a blend of fine, African black teas are grown in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda. This unique blend gives the tea a bold flavor that’s highly drinkable. To remove the caffeine, Trader Joe’s supplier uses a gentle, water-based decaffeination process to preserve the flavor of the tea leaves.

Whether you enjoy a nice cuppa right before bed of a cold tea on a hot day, Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Black Tea is sure to satisfy.

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