Manga-Style Exhibitions : Hisashi Eguchi

Artist Hisashi Eguchi is showcasing his work in his first-ever solo exhibition, hosted by Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Titled ‘NO MANNER,’ the artist will debut “15 new paintings based on his original drawings and produced at the Kaikai Kiki Studio.” Hisashi Eguchi gained popularity in contemporary art circles because he drew “beautiful women in a manga style”—an aesthetic sensibility that has been popular among youth and adults alike, and one that shows no signs of slowing down. His first partnership with Kaikai Kiki was at Taipei Dandai and Art Basel Hong Kong in 2022.

Individuals can go see the NO MANNER exhibition at Kaikai Kiki Gallery from January 17th, 2023 until February 7th, 2023. The show has been described as “highly anticipated.”

Image Credit: Hisashi Eguchi, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, hypebeast

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