Digital-Only Drive-Through Lanes : McDonald’s in Forth Worth

There is a rather unconventional drive-thru McDonald’s in Forth Worth that pushes innovation in this dining category forward. Designed by branding agency UXUS, this iteration of the Golden Arches has “a smaller footprint and zero seating capacity.” In fact, this particular establishment is about 26% smaller than the average McDonald’s.

There are a few ways consumers can order food at the McDonald’s in Forth Worth. One can pull up to the drive-through window, park, and order at the counter, or use the McDonald’s mobile app to access the “Order Ahead Lane” and bypass the regular drive-through. The last option is a fully digital experience as one’s food rolls out on a conveyor belt. With it, the brand looks to improve convenience—”the one thing [drivers] came to the drive-through for.”

Image Credit: McDonald’s i

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