Cohesive Co-Operative Housing Projects : sumu yakashima

Architect Tsukasa Ono designs the new Sumu Yakashima housing project right on Japan’s Yakushima island with the goal of improving life for humans and the natural setting of the environment. To design the space, the studio took a regenerative approach and does so by improving the soil by promoting the overall growth of natural bacteria and mycelium.

The space is now a community that has eight co-owners and sits right along a hillside surrounded by a farm and faces the sea. Ono recalls the initial concept, stating that “We were temporarily living at my friend Yuki Imamura’s hotel on Yakushima island. We started to make a concept for a small project but it was so exciting that the project kept getting bigger so we accepted some more good friends to join us.”

Image Credit: Tsukasa Ono

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