Collaboration Football Trading Cards : football trading cards

These football trading cards have been created by Jacksons Food Stores in partnership with the University of Oregon (UO) as decks of cards that highlight some of the members of the 2022 team. The cards come in packs of 14 cards that will retail for 12.99 with one out of every 10 packs containing a limited-edition card that has beeb autographed by one of the standout players on the Fighting Ducks. Available now, the trading cards come as the third partnership for Jacksons and are being offered in the Eugene area.

Jacksons President Cory Jackson commented on the new football trading cards saying, “We’re proud to partner with University of Oregon football student-athletes to amplify their talent through this project. We’re excited to extend this opportunity to more Pac-12 student-athletes and enhance Ducks fans’ experience.”

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