Militaristic Retro Clothing Brands : blank label 1

NEPENTHES introduces another brand dubbed the BLANK LABEL that delivers a slew of militaristic garments for women. It is inspired by 50s American Army and Navy apparel with five styles to kick off the capsule in a variety of materials and colors.

It features a cropped BDU jacket to lead the range in a ripstop construction paired with sateen and corduroy finishes for a contrasting texture. It matches the cuts of the brand’s Monkey Skirt as well. The lengthy M51 dress follows with an influence drawn from the look of the M51 field jackets. Rounding out the collection are the Ike Shirt and the Arthur Pants as part of the first-ever collection by BLANK LABEL.

Image Credit: NEPENTHES, hypebeast, nepenthesny

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