Wintertime Ramen Dishes : Miso Garlic Tan Tan

JINYA Ramen Bar is serving up two new chef specials this winter: Miso Garlic Tan Tan and the Ebi-Katsu Bun.

Starting December 1, 2022, customers at JINYA Ramen Bar can sample the new chef-crated Miso Garlic Tan Tan. This wintertime ramen is perfect for cold weather, pairing house pork soboro with bean sprouts, kikurage, green onion, chili oil,
and shredded dry chili. It’s all tied together with a vegan broth that’s made with the brand’s own flavorful miso. The other new chef-crafted dish that fans can try is the Ebi-Katsu Bun, which is a steamed bun stuffed with shrimp cutlet, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, and pickled red cabbage. As JINYA Ramen Bar’s CEO and Founder Tomo Takahashi explains, “We’re always passionate about creating new menu items that show off our authentic ramen culture. We hope everyone enjoys these new winter specials that offer a real taste of traditional Japanese flavors with the Miso Garlic Tan Tan and Ebi-Katsu Bun!”

Image Credit: JINYA Ramen Bar

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