Top 100 Computers Trends for 2022

This list of 2022 computer trends offers an overview of the computers industry, including everything from gaming and entertainment solutions to workflow and home office improvements.

The Beelink GTR6 mini PC is a good example of improvements in computing technology for entertainment and professional purposes. The PC is only a few square inches in size, and despite this, is capable of playing even the latest AAA games at high resolutions. The GTR6 runs on the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor with integrated Radeon 680m graphics. As this is a next-gen Ryzen processor, the system features high-speed DDR5 RAM running at 4,800 MHz.

On the education and workflow side, the Compal ‘Studybook’ is an early concept laptop that focuses on education and insightful play for children and students. This laptop comes equipped with both a QWERTY keyboard and a cholesteric liquid crystal display (CLCD) which enables drawing, handwriting, and other stylus-based features, similar to a tablet and a laptop merged into one.

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