Lady M x My Melody Lunar New Year Gift Set

The Lady M My Melody Lunar New Year Gift Set has been created by the New York-based confectionery brand and SANRIO as a charming present perfect for providing to friends or family this year. The gift set features the namesake SANRIO character across the entire design, which includes six drawers each packed with Lady M Bon Bons or additional treats. The treat flavors within include the Golden Tangerine Pearls, Prosperous Plum Blossoms, Red Raspberry Jellies, Lucky Lychee Pearls, Sweet Cookie Puffs and the Harmonious Matcha Crunch.

Lady M CEO Ken Romanisyzn spoke on the new Lady M My Melody Lunar New Year Gift Set saying, “When it comes to the Year of the Rabbit, it was a harmonious choice for Lady M and My Melody to create something so beautiful and meaningful. This season we are wishing everyone happiness, prosperity and hope in the year to come.”

Image Credit: SANRIO

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