Hyperrealistic Musician Figurines : BLITZWAY Kurt Cobain figurine

The BLITZWAY Kurt Cobain figurine is a 1:4 scale action figure of the namesake musician for avid fans and collectors alike to add to their collection. The figurine is characterized by its hyperrealistic construction that maintains a lifelike quality to it thanks to a series of precision details like realistic skin texture, wrinkles and specially designed outfits. The figurine is designed to reproduce the iconic MTV Unplugged concert played by Nirvana in 1993.

The BLITZWAY Kurt Cobain figurine is priced at $749 and is available now for order. The figurine comes as part of a larger movement towards collector-grade models as more fans and collectors alike seek to incorporate them into their collection. The figurine comes with all accessories pictured for fans to set up the scene exactly as shown.

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