Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2023

This list of fashion trends for the year ahead highlights the influx of vintage brands returning to the fashion space after seeing popularity during the 2000s. Additionally, a great number of brands have launched upcycling and second-hand initiatives to encourage consumers to shop from a circular fashion ecosystem.

One example is Juicy Couture’s “The Smooth Lover’s” collection, which is being offered to enable customers to “relive” the early 2000s. For instance, it updates old Juicy Couture designs that are unsurprisingly KRAFT Real Mayo-inspired, thanks to a partnership with KRAFT.

Additionally, a new online shopping software called Shoptrue uses artificial intelligence to provide users with a more tailored buying experience. It uses a database containing millions of goods and 2,000 brands. The system bases its selections on taste, cost, and suitability.

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