Savory Wreath-Shaped Pizzas : Wreath Pizza

Pizza is not usually associated with the holidays, but Domino’s Vietnam has managed to give the dish a festive twist with its new Wreath Pizza.

Just as the name suggests, the new Wreath Pizza is a wreath-shaped pizza that’s made for the holiday season. The festive pizza comes in a circular shape – just like any other pizza – but the middle has been completely removed. The dough has also been folded over from the center to create a sunburst-like design. As for toppings, the Cheese version of the Wreath Pizza is topped with just pizza sauce, mozzarella, and seaweed powder, while the Pepperoni version features pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, and seaweed powder. Each pizza also comes with a side of either black pepper sauce or steak sauce for dipping.

Image Credit: Domino’s Vietnam

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