Top 100 Beverage Trends in 2022

From global takes on seltzer to adaptogenic drinks, the 2022 beverage trends revealed no shortage of innovation.

Despite some reports that we’ve passed the peak seltzer moment, there were still a wide variety of new seltzer products to try in 2022. For instance, Truly debuted a Poolside Variety Pack with summer cocktail-inspired flavors inspired by Grammy award-winning pop star Dua Lipa, while Labatt debuted Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Tart – a cross between a sour beer and a seltzer. Beyond the big players, indie brands like the Los Angeles-based startup Pisco Disco offered a unique take on seltzer with its ‘Pisco Disco’ product, which takes inspiration from the Peruvian Pisco cocktail.

The 2022 beverage trends also saw some major innovation when it comes to non-alcoholic products as well. Products like Lifeway Food’s new adaptogenic functional mushroom beverages and Soov’s stomach-soothing ginger ale alternatives prove that consumers are looking to get more nutritional bang for their buck from their beverages.

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