Contrasting Element Concrete Stools : CONECTO modular stool

The ‘CONECTO’ modular stool is a concrete seating solution designed with functionality and fashion in mind to make it relevant for placement in a wide variety of spaces. The stool starts off with the concrete form for the base that’s capable of being used in a variety of different orientations to suit the needs of the user seamlessly. Each of these orientations can be finished with a translucent acrylic topper to provide a touch of additional style intrigue, while also keeping them together.

The ‘CONECTO’ modular stool is the design work of one J, Jeongjin Ko, Jinsu Du and Keetae Kim (Superkomma), and prioritizes a changeable form to allow for the piece to be switched up at leisure. This also enables the seating solution to be scaled up or down to suit different needs.

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