Burger Brand Chicken Nuggets : new Chicken Nuggets

A&W Canada is expanding its range of chicken options with the addition of new A&W Chicken Nuggets.

While the idea of a fast food chain adding chicken nuggets to its menu might not sound all that groundbreaking, the new menu addition is a big move for A&W Canada. This is primarily because A&W has long built its reputation on its burgers, or more specifically its family of burgers.

But now the chain’s Canadian arm is capitalizing on the demand for chicken products. The brand’s new Chicken Nuggets are made from 100% seasoned chicken breast coated in a crispy-fried beading. Each order also comes with your choice of dipping sauce on the side.

The new Chicken Nuggets can be found now at participating A&W locations across Canada for a limited time.

Image Credit: A&W Canada

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