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‘Piggy’ is a mobile content creation platform that announced a successful $7.7 million USD round of funding. This platform enables mobile device users to create countless forms of content, including documents, videos, presentations, invitations, and more. The platform is intuitive and interactive, allowing for community-driven content pieces such as polls and audio-based content.

When speaking on the value of Piggy, the CEO Shaul Olmert, stated: “With Piggy, you can create documents in the same way that you create social media posts. It’s mobile, interactive, supports all types of media, and makes it easy and fun to achieve stunning results,” continuing on to outline that the company’s overview deck used during its presentation was even created using Piggy. It is also important to note that the Piggy platform is completely unmonetized and free for all users, allowing everyone to express themselves with equal access to resources via the Piggy platform.

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