Multinational Streaming Service Expansions : shop the holidays

Pinterest has officially launched its Pinterest TV service in Canada alongside a new piece of original content called ‘Shop the Holidays,’ allowing an entirely new demographic to enjoy the service’s wealth of content. Pinterest TV is a shoppable programming service that allows brands, publishers, and creators to live-stream content while showcasing products and services. These creators can tie links to purchasable products, allowing viewers to purchase anything they see on the stream quickly and easily.

Pinterest officially launched its Pinterest TV service in the United States in late 2021. Since then, the service has accrued more than 900 creators and brands who streamed more than 2 million minutes collectively. To celebrate Canada’s access to future Pinterest TV content, the brand launched Shop the Holidays, a 40-hour combined creator stream that includes 10 hours of shoppable programming per day from November 15th to November 18th.

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