Banana Bread Businesses : Allie’s Banana Bread

As a business, Allie’s Banana Bread focuses on creating traditional and one-of-a-kind banana bread for consumers to enjoy. The founder, Allie Chernick, grew up making her Grandma Sheila’s famous banana bread recipe which was passed down throughout the generations. Banana bread seems to be a family affair for Allie Chernick who has built a growing, full-time business around it. Allie’s Banana Bread is now shipping direct-to-consumer and nationwide. The brand offers various vegan and gluten-free flavors, as well as some classics like the Plain Banana Bread (there is nothing more timeless than this flavor), as well as Chocolate Chip, PB Cup, Oreo, and Blondie, and Allie kicks off each month with a special monthly flavor – Blueberry Crumble, Olive Oil, Pumpkin, and more which you can see on the brand’s Instagram.

Image Credit: Allie’s Banana Bread

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