Overthinking Chicken Buckets : KFC Brainwave Bucket

KFC recently launched the KFC Brainwave Bucket – Studies indicate Hong Kong is one of the most stressful cities in the world and ranks number one in the stress index of employees all around East Asia, with a massive 53% of employees feeling pressured and stressed from their day-to-day occupation.

Scientific findings proved that comfort food relieves stress levels in the brain. So to encourage Hong Kongers to stop overthinking and just indulge, we created the KFC BRAINWAVE BUCKET Рa helmet with a built-in headband that analyzed people’s brain activity. At the same time, their senses were stimulated by deep-fried chicken. The data was connected to an app that provided real-time biofeedback. The lower their brain wave, the more chicken rewards they receive.

The design of the helmet and the bucket-esque enclosure was inspired by KFC’s distinctive bucket, which was created for an immersive interactive Finger Lickin’ Good experience.

Image Credit: KFC

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