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Misfits Gaming Group announced that it has launched a $20 million USD creator fund, which will be used to support content creators and streamers aimed at creating ambitious projects. When speaking about the creator fund, the streamer QTCinderella, who recently joined the Misfits Gaming Group, stated: “The Misfits Creator Fund becomes an interesting set of resources that can help provide creators with the tools and the team to more easily bring these ideas to life.”

This shows that the fund will essentially serve as a bank of resources and finances dedicated to supporting content creators that Misfits Gaming Group believes in. Details on how to apply for the Misfits Creator Fund can be found at the company’s dedicated webpage for the project. QTCinderella also notes that one of the largest barriers to fulfilling a creative idea is budget, which the creator fund is intended to address.

Image Credit: Misfits Gaming Group

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